God provided a way for Kathy and I to take a survey trip into Brasil in June of 1998. When we arrived, doors began to open. The interior of the Amazon (the Indians) has been closed to American missionaries for quite some time. While we were there, God opened the door for us to go down-river (25 hours by boat) into the interior, to the Indians. God worked on the hearts of the chiefs. Chief Cazuza invited Kathy and I to return and work with his people. It is very exciting what God has done and the opportunity He has given us.

Kathy and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God has called us to Brasil. We are very excited about God’s call on our lives. We arrived in Brasil on February 22, 2001. We have been studying the language, as well as working with children’s groups. I have been privileged to speak in some of the area churches in Manaus, as well as teach in two Bible Institutes. Kathy, Sam, Allie, and I have also worked with the children in a Bible Club and Sunday School in one of the neighborhoods here in Manaus. MORE