About Us

My name is Dan Miller. My wife, Kathy, and I are missionaries to the Amazon Region of Brasil. God called my wife and I to Brasil several years ago and He has been training us for this aspect of our ministry. Time will not permit me to go into all of the details of this training time, but God has allowed us to experience and go through things that I believe were for the purpose of getting us ready for the mission field.


Kathy and I spent over twenty years ministering in the field of music. I have led music at four different churches, beginning in Cleveland, Tennessee at the Temple Baptist Church (which my Dad started in 1968); after High School and marrying Kathy, we moved to Texas for Bible College and then served in Irving, Texas at the Irving Baptist Temple, in Athens, Texas at Calvary Baptist Church, and at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Decatur, Texas, which is our sending church. God is allowing us to continue to use our music on the mission field. More...